Cheap Flights from New York JFK to Agadir from $317 | (JFK - AGA) - KAYAK (2023)

Pros: "stupid flight outrage prices"

Cons: "respect and lower the damn prices"

Cons: "Forced us to pay extra for seat assignments then allowed other passengers to take them. Entertainment did not work despite being reset many times. No additional beverage service outside of meals"

Pros: "Yes"

Cons: "I can not get my luggage for more than 6 months"

Cons: "The ticket price is expensive"

Pros: "Absolutely nothing. Bathrooms were dirty upon boarding, crew did not even come around with water more than once, the airline couldn’t resolve even the most simple issues. Terrible experience"

Cons: "Any form of customer service, maintenance of bathrooms, ability to resolve travel agent dispute. Change of seats. They were able to do nothing except sorry."

Pros: "Yes amazing crew , comfy seats"

Cons: "Food"

Pros: "On time departure. Flight from New York"

Cons: "Flight to Lagos."

Pros: "Ok"

Cons: "Honesty"

Pros: "Nothing"

Pros: "New plane and good pilot - smooth take off/landing"

Cons: "Delayed departure, long boarding process, and unfortunately my entertainment system was not working"

Cons: "Service was poor and the flight got delayed"

Pros: "Service by crew/ excellent"

Cons: "Boarding process delayed and chaotic."

Cons: "So many delays, we’ve spent nearly 12 hours waiting in airports and are stuck in Casablanca.."

Pros: "I loved the crew"

Cons: "the food could be better."

Pros: "Friendly staff, nice cabin, good movie selection"

Cons: "Boarding was horrendous. The flight was so delayed but no one updated us on the status. It caused many people (including me) to miss connecting flights at Casablanca. Terrible communication. And they aren’t helpful at all even when they completely screw up your travel plans."

Pros: "Staff were friendly"

Cons: "Boarded 90 minutes before the flight and then had a 3 hour runway delay after pulling away. Waited a very long time for luggage Communications were long Arabic statements and then only a very brief few words in English"

Pros: "Flight crew was helpful."

Cons: "Food not great. Bathrooms a mess."

Cons: "Left an hour late with no explanation. They left the lights on for most of the flight. Very little legroom."

Cons: "The ticket refused for me to board the plane say my credit card declined just to find out later that my card was good but she was wrong. And not only that I miss the flight but now they're charging me $250 extra."

Pros: "The flight was excellent."

Cons: "The transit procedure is poor. There is a need to review this process."

Pros: "Cheap flight with all the usual comforts of economy class."

Cons: "Everything was fine"

Pros: "Very nice flight and great service"

Cons: "WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED and they didn't tell us in advance and COMPLETELYYYYYYYY ruined our entire trip that we had to cancel and LOST ALL OUR MONEY!!!!! WILL NEVER FLY ROYAL AIR MAROC. They didn't have any recourse over what they did"

Pros: "Trip was fine, helpful crew on airplane, and comfortable but very delayed boarding."

Cons: "Boarding didn't begin until the time that the flight was scheduled for take-off."

Pros: "My bags where opened and my items where stolen from my luggages"

Pros: "The staff was nice"

Cons: "Breakfast lacked nutritional value as it was carbs only, i.e. an assortment of 3 different types of bread/cake. My friend and I unboarded the flight extremely hungry and had to find breakfast on the street in a new country while waiting for a train from casablanca to marrakesh. Also, my friend's brandnew suitcase was damaged when we received it at the casablanca airport as it was missing a wheel."

Pros: "New airplane. Great service. Great Food. Ontime."

Pros: "Very good"


Cons: "SEATS"

Pros: "How clean the airline was"

Pros: "Every things"

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Delayed, 1hr without notification nor apologies from waitresses and responsibles. Bad food and no enough for more options. When food givers arrived they ask : chicken or fish. When you tell them fish they say sorry I only have chicken left. Overall nothing was good. Can I give half star to Royal Air Maroc?"

Pros: "I arrived o time to my destination"

Cons: "The tv didn't work."

Pros: "The flight was on time. Enough space to stretch my legs."

Cons: "The food is awful"

Pros: "No foods"

Cons: "luggage did not come through from my connecting flight. very disappointed."

Cons: "luggage did not come through from my connecting flight. very disappointed."

Pros: "The comfort of plane, food was good. Left on time."

Cons: "I was going onward to Bangui and you left my luggage in Casablanca on purpose. 4 days later still no luggage. This is unacceptable."

Pros: "Service"

Cons: "Boarding. Separate line for Business Class needed."

Pros: "Nothing"

Cons: "Every thing. This is my first and last time traveling with this company. I think I made a very big mistake by choosing this airline"

Pros: "Punctual leg of the trip."

Cons: "Disorganized boarding, old plane. Rude service."

Pros: "The flight was comfortable. I appreciated the snacks and meal provided. The seats had ample space."

Cons: "On boarding took a while. I wish it were more organized."

Pros: "The lady who checked us in was nice. The flight made it to Morocco without crashing. That's all I can say positive right now."

Cons: "We left late. 45 minutes late without an explanation. Then the chairs are quite uncomfortable. The crew wasn't very pleasant, except maybe one guy. There are tons of announcements in 3 languages. Then we arrived late. And as if it's 1970 we get off the plane onto the tarmac, wait for a bus that takes 15 minutes to get you to the building, which I could have walked to in the same amount of time. Then you have to go through security again for some reason. So we missed our flight. Stuck in a shitty terminal without so much as an apology or a food voucher for our 6 hour wait till the next flight. Not a good experience."

Pros: "Flight was great- crew a bit arrogant but professional"


Pros: "The staff and the food was good"

Cons: "It was 4 hours delayed. I have a toddler and I'm pregnant so it was a horrible experience for me unfortunately."

Pros: "I was prepared for the worst after reading so many bad reviews but everything went smoothly. They got us seats together even though the flight was full, we got our bags on the plane so we wouldn't have to go through baggage claim, they provided a blanket and pillow and eye cover and the entertainment console worked well. Plane appeared to be pretty new. Yes the food was bad but no worse than pretty much every other economy flight I have been on."

Pros: "The crew is respectful"

Cons: "The plane boarded an hour late and no information regarding this"

Pros: "Sleeping mask, head phones etc provided at beginning of flight."

Cons: "I'm short and had my knees bruised by the end of the 6 hour flight. Wheelchair service at JFK was rudest I've ever met. Wheel chair service at CMN did not show up. Luckily this time I was not traveling completely alone and coworkers were able to assist. Crew would not let me sleep on the plane, kept waking me to eat. I was not permitted to bring all my luggage and no alternatives were offered. My carry on was taken from me because the wheel chair person did not want to deal with me and it. I wish there was an option, but I will have to fly air Marco again."

Pros: "The food was amazing and the staff was very friendly."

Cons: "You couldn't use your phone, even on airplane mode. I had movies I downloaded that I wanted to watch."

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